The Stalker

The Stalker (or what seems like the Stalker, anyway...)

 The Stalker is a transparent ghost in the game named after him, "The Stalker. The Stalker must eliminate all Combines to win the game, but this is no easy task. The Stalker's attacks are not ranged, so in order to attack, the Stalker must get close to its prey. The good news is, the Stalker is almost invisible and is almost impossible to see in dark spots. The Stalker also runs faster than others.

Its appearance is a transparent robloxian.

The Stalker is said to be a scout trying to conquer the galaxies, but no one really knows. The Stalker, in the shop, cannot equip hats like Combines do, but the Stalker can equip Power Ups, which are abilities the Stalker can purchase and use in-game to aid him on his mission.

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